Why Mobility in Motion?



When it comes to customer service, we aspire to exceed all expectations. We understand your needs and do all we can to meet them.



Along with safety and reliability, quality is at the forefront when selecting the driving and lifting aids we have available.



Fulfilling our commitment of making car travel accessible to all, we look for the most innovative products which can make life easier for our customers.

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Adapting to life’s journeys

We’re here for wherever you want to go, with a range of accessible driving aids and vehicle adaptations that will give you the independence you desire.

Man on a wheelchair on pavement

Our purpose

There’s one purpose at the core of everything we do. And that’s to change lives by improving mobility. We believe everyone should enjoy the freedom which comes from making car travel easy and accessible to all. Which is why we specialise in remarkable innovations for everyday life.

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A new company with a long history

Mobility in Motion was created to expand the range of driving aids and vehicle adaptations available for people with a disability, no matter how complex their needs. To meet these needs, we are now able to offer a market-leading range of products.    

Although a relatively new company, we’re part of a long-established group which has been designing and manufacturing vehicle adaptations for over 40 years. So, when it comes to meeting the needs of disabled drivers, you can be sure you’re in the safest hands.  

Man talking to elderly man, smiling

Our commitment to service

It’s all very well having a great range of products. But we know that, to a lot of customers, a great level of service is just as important. That’s why we aim to exceed all expectations when it comes to customer care, fully tailored to your individual requirements.     

We understand your mobility needs and will do all we can to meet them. In fact that really is our number one priority. So you can look forward to expert advice, personal support and an outstanding customer experience.