Get moving with our handy guides. As part of our commitment to empowering people with limited mobility to achieve greater independence and freedom, we’ve put together a series of useful guides to help you navigate the world of driving aids and adaptations, including a range of scooter-related subjects.

Steering wheel aid

Steering aids

Steering wheel driving aids guide

Steering wheel driving aids essentially enable the safe one-handed operation of a vehicle’s steering wheel. This is particularly beneficial for…

Pedal guard

Pedal adaptations

The ultimate pedal modifications guide

Pedal modifications are innovative adaptations that can be fitted to your car to overcome a variety of driving challenges due…

person hoist

Person hoists

How to use a person hoist

A person hoist is a vehicle accessibility aid which enables a mobility device user to get seated into a standard…

twin flip left foot accelerator

Car adaptations

Guide to vehicle adaptations for disabled drivers

Access to a vehicle is so important – keeping your life open and full of possibilities. But when you struggle…

swivel seat

Swivel seats

How To Find The Best Swivel Car Seat For Your Vehicle

Access to a car opens endless opportunities for leading an independent lifestyle out of the home, but conventional vehicles are…

Milford person lift

Car adaptations

The Essential Person Hoist Guide

Our Milford Person Lift is a life changing solution allowing wheelchair users to travel in the comfort of a regular…

Woman standing next to her car boot and mobility scooter

Wheelchair & scooter hoists

Why we don’t supply second hand boot hoists

Car boot hoists are the ideal solution for wheelchair or mobility scooter users. They allow for easy loading, unloading, stowage…

Boot hoists

Wheelchair & scooter hoists

Finding the right car boot hoist guide

If you are a wheelchair or mobility scooter user or regularly transport someone who is, you will know all too…