Car Transfer Plates

From £595

Ideal for people with limited mobility, our range of car transfer plates for disabled drivers and passengers easily bridge the gap between a wheelchair and the car seat, with both electric transfer plates and manual transfer plates available to fit your needs.


  • CompatibilityMost vehicles
  • InstallationSimple by a trained engineer
  • Finance optionsAvailable
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Who can benefit from our transfer plates?

Transfer plates are particularly useful for individuals who have difficulty lifting their legs or moving from a sitting to a standing position, such as those with lower body disabilities, including paralysis, spinal cord injuries or arthritis affecting the hips, knees or ankles.

Upper body disabilities, such as those caused by a stroke or muscular dystrophy, can also make it difficult to lift or manoeuvre the legs into a car. But, in general, disabled car transfer plates can be beneficial for anyone who has difficulty entering or exiting a vehicle, regardless of the cause of their limited mobility.


Mobility in Motion were patient, clear, understanding, knowledgeable and only recommended what was needed. They are most definitely customer needs focused.

Martin D

Our transfer plates brands

autochair logo


Born from one man’s desire for greater independence, Autochair is a world-leading manufacturer of vehicle adaptation products. Products which have been making a difference to the lives of tens of thousands of people for over 40 years.

From a unique person lift solution to the most powerful scooter and wheelchair hoists on the market, Autochair makes car travel easy and accessible to all.


braunability logo


Since 1972, Braunability has been providing vehicle mobility solutions to increase quality of life for people with disabilities. Over the past four decades, their products have revolutionised what independence means to wheelchair and scooter users. 

From wheelchair swivel seats to mobility scooter stowage, each product is manufactured and quality checked in-house to ensure consistently high levels of quality.

bas logo


Believing that everyone should be able to live a ‘life without boundaries’, BAS have over 40 years’ experience of manufacturing quality vehicle adaptations. In collaboration with leading international partners, they constantly strive to design new products for the vehicle adaptations market. 


Are transfer plates height adjustable?

Electronic transfer plates can move up and down to the desired height of the user, however a manual transfer plate is fitted at a fixed height.

How will the fitting of a transfer plate impact my vehicle?

Depending on which type of transfer plate you require and the vehicle type you have, this will determine if any vehicle interior plastics need to be trimmed. We would recommend contacting our team to check and confirm.

Who can benefit from using a transfer plate?

Transfer plates are particularly useful for individuals who have difficulty lifting or bending their legs or enter and exit a vehicle in one full movement.

Can the vehicle seat be adjusted after the transfer plate has been fitted?

Yes, the transfer plate does not impact the original seat’s functionality.

How will I know if a transfer plate suits my mobility needs?

If you struggle to bridge the gap between the vehicle sill and seat, then a transfer plate will be beneficial. If you don’t feel the transfer plate is suitable for you, we can discuss alternative car accessibility aids. 

What is the weight capacity of a transfer plate?

All of our transfer plates  can hold up to 120 kgs.

Can the transfer plate be fitted to any seat in the car?

Our transfer plates are only suitable for the front driver and front passenger doors.

Can a transfer plate be transferred if I change my car?

When the time comes to change your car, we recommend contacting our team to check compatibility of your transfer plate with the new vehicle and confirm if we can facilitate a transfer.