So, what can you expect from your online product assessment?


At your convenience

Our online product assessment is a convenient alternative to getting you back out on the road and enjoying the freedom of car travel again. Because you don’t need to wait for an assessor to come to your home, everything can be done at your leisure and convenience with even quicker order turnarounds.


Why is an assessment important?

We focus on a needs-based assessment and will take the time to talk to you about your current driving abilities and requirements to ensure we select the perfect adaptations tailored to your needs.

We will also look at all other contributing factors such as your vehicle and mobility device to confirm compatibility.


Full product demonstration

We will send across an in-depth demonstration video to showcase the adaptations in action and clear instructions of how to operate them.

This will allow you to get a real feel for the product and check that you’re comfortable with the usability and that it meets your specific mobility needs.


No obligation

In addition to the online product assessment & demonstration, we will provide you with a full personalised quote which will include all the appropriate guarantees, installation, and funding options.

This quote is a professionally written assessment which recommends the most appropriate adaptation solutions for your personal needs.

There’s absolutely no obligation to purchase, but we will explain the simple order process to you so that you know how to move forward if and when you wish to do so.

Book your assessment

To arrange your no-obligation online product assessment, or to find out more about this easy alternative to a home visit, just use the form on our ‘contact us’ page.

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