Swivel Seats

From £2,172

Swivel seats enable easy access by turning up to 90 degrees outside the vehicle, lowering, and even transferring from the vehicle entirely onto a frame. 


  • CompatibilityMost vehicles
  • InstallationSpecialist installation
  • Finance optionsAvailable
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Who can benefit from using our swivel seats?

Swivel seats are typically used by people who have difficulty entering or exiting a vehicle due to limited mobility, strength or flexibility. So they are particularly useful for people with arthritis, spinal cord injuries, cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis or Parkinson’s disease.

In fact, disability car swivel seats are suitable for anyone with limited mobility and strength in their upper and lower extremities or who finds it difficult to move their legs and feet in and out of a car.

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Our swivel seats brands

braunability logo


Since 1972, Braunability has been providing vehicle mobility solutions to increase quality of life for people with disabilities. Over the past four decades, their products have revolutionised what independence means to wheelchair and scooter users. 

From wheelchair swivel seats to mobility scooter stowage, each product is manufactured and quality checked in-house to ensure consistently high levels of quality. 

veigel logo


For over 100 years, Veigel have been designing award-winning ergonomic, reliable and easy-to-use driving aids and controls for people with disabilities.

Developed in conjunction with some of the biggest car manufacturers across the world, each product goes through rigorous testing to ensure they exceed industry standards. With styled designs, finished surfaces and sleek lines to compliment any vehicle’s interior, they are products which look as good as they perform. 


What type of vehicles can be equipped with swivel seats?

Our car accessibility aids can be fitted into hundreds of different cars ranging from hatchbacks, people carriers, SUV’s and others. For specific vehicle compatibility, we always recommend contacting our team to check and confirm.

Can a swivel seat be installed in any position of the car?

Swivel seats are often installed in the front passenger door, but they can also be installed to the front drivers door and either rear door in certain vehicles. For specific vehicle compatibility, we always recommend contacting our team to check and confirm.

How much weight can a swivel seat support?

The weight limit for all swivel seats is 150 kgs.

How do I clean and maintain a swivel seat?

We recommend cleaning the swivel seat as you would with any other standard vehicle seat. Although it is not a requirement, we do advise that your swivel seat is serviced every 12 months to ensure it is in top working condition. Please get in touch with us to arrange yours.

How much space is required to install a swivel seat?

Certain models of the swivel seat do require a longer footprint than the original vehicle seat. This can be determined and discussed at point of assessment.

Can a swivel seat be transferred if I change my car?

When the time comes to change your car, we recommend contacting our team to check compatibility of your swivel seat with the new vehicle and confirm if we can facilitate a transfer. A new installation kit is typically required.