Wheelchair roof boxes

From £5,495

Lift, stow and retrieve a manual wheelchair in less than 90 seconds with our wheelchair roof boxes. A great solution for both independent drivers and passengers.


  • CompatibilityMost vehicles dependent on roof load capacity
  • InstallationSpecialist installation
  • Finance optionsAvailable
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Who can benefit from our rooftop stowage systems?

These handy wheelchair roof top boxes are ideal for users of foldable wheelchairs who have limited space in their vehicle, or for those who do not want to disassemble and reassemble their wheelchair each time they travel.


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Our wheelchair rooftop top boxes brands

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Since 1972, Braunability has been providing vehicle mobility solutions to increase quality of life for people with disabilities. Over the past four decades, their products have revolutionised what independence means to wheelchair and scooter users. 

From wheelchair swivel seats to wheelchair roof boxes, each product is manufactured and quality checked in-house to ensure consistently high levels of quality. 


What are the benefits of a wheelchair roof box?

A wheelchair rooftop box is ideal for independent drivers as the system can lift, stow and retrieve a manual wheelchair after the user has transferred into the drivers’ seat. It’s also particularly popular as it doesn’t take up any seating or storage space within your vehicle.

How much weight can a wheelchair roof box hold?

The wheelchair roof box can take most folding frame models weighing up to 20 kg.

How is a wheelchair roof box installed?

It is installed by fixing it to a set of roof bars which are available for most makes and models of vehicles.

Can a wheelchair roof box be used in all weather conditions?

The rooftop box can be used in all fair weather conditions.

How do I know if a wheelchair roof box will fit my vehicle?

Rooftop boxes can be fitted onto most vehicles depending on the roof load capacity and also if there is a set of roof bars available for the vehicle. For specific vehicle compatibility, we always recommend contacting our team to check and confirm.

How do I clean and maintain my wheelchair roof box?

The rooftop box can be cleaned as you would with the exterior of a car. And Although it is not a requirement, we do advise that your wheelchair roof box is serviced every 12 months to ensure it is in top working condition. Please get in touch with us to arrange yours.

Can a rooftop box be transferred if I change my car?

When the time comes to change car, we recommend contacting our team to check compatibility of your wheelchair rooftop box with the new vehicle and confirm if we can facilitate a transfer.