Brand History

Born from one man’s desire for greater independence, Autochair is a world-leading manufacturer of vehicle adaptations. Following an accident in 1975 which paralysed David Walker, he wanted to find a solution that enabled him to get to and from work independently without relying on someone else to load and unload his wheelchair from his car.

With nothing suitable on the UK market at the time, David decided to invent his own solution which hoisted his wheelchair into a box on the roof of his car. Then in 1983, David was able to put his idea into production to help other people in a similar situation.

Over the years as technology advanced, the Smart Lifter boot hoist was developed. This used a hoist mechanism to lift mobility scooters and wheelchairs into the boot of a car, allowing Autochair to help even more people.

Now, with all three sons on board, Autochair operates from a multi-million factory in the heart of the East Midlands, has designed and developed a range of quality adaptations and exports to over 30 countries across the globe.

Autochair Adaptations Product Range

With over 40 years experience, Autochair has developed a range of vehicle adaptations to assist those with reduced mobility.

The Smart Lifter boot hoist enables people to lift and load their mobility device into the back of their car from a hand-held remote control.

The Smart Transfer range includes a unique person hoist which lifts a user from a wheelchair or mobility scooter using a sling and seats them into a standard car. Autochair also offers a transfer plate solution which provides a stable platform on which to pause before settling properly into the car seat.

Key Features

Autochair adaptations can benefit virtually any wheelchair or mobility scooter user, whether it’s to help take a mobility device further afield in their car or assist with transferring from a mobility device into a car.
Including the number 1 best selling boot hoist in the UK as well as the most powerful hoist on the market, capable of lifting up to 200 kgs, their boot hoists are considered the premier on the market for their quality, reliability, advanced engineering and ease of use.
This advanced engineering is also replicated within their Smart Transfer range as the Autochair person hoist is the largest weight capacity of any vehicle-based person hoist on the market, suitable for users up to 150 kg.