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Peugeot disability adaptations

From the 2008 to the 3008, and the Bipper Tepee to the Expert, we’ve got a suite of accessible driving aids and vehicle adaptations for a wide range of Peugeot models.

Making car travel easy and accessible for all

For people with reduced mobility, we’re taking the challenges out of what for most people is an everyday occurrence: driving.

So assert your independence and get back out on the road with products designed to help you into your Peugeot then control it once seated.

Wheelchair stowage for Peugeot

Reduced mobility doesn’t have to mean you have to be any less independent when it comes to getting out on the road.

With an automatic Peugeot hoist you can make quick and easy work of loading and unloading a wheelchair, mobility scooter or powerchair, either into the boot of your vehicle or a top box fitted to the roof rack.

Our Peugeot hoists are capable of lifting up to 200kg; powerful enough for even the heaviest of powerchairs. And we have installation kits for over 500 different vehicles, including many Peugeot models.

Driving aids for Peugeot

Changing the way in which drivers control their cars, our range of innovative driving aids for Peugeot are ideal for those with limited mobility or reduced manual dexterity.

We’ve got products to help with braking, acceleration, changing gear and steering, so there’s a solution whether you’re having trouble turning the wheel, operating your car’s pedals or even just engaging the handbrake.

Our range of Peugeot driving aids includes special levers which connect to the foot pedals to make braking and acceleration possible for people who cannot use their feet while driving.

Easy vehicle access for Peugeot

If you want to continue to enjoy travelling in a regular car seat, but have little or no mobility in your legs, our vehicle access aids for Peugeot enable the smooth transition from a wheelchair.

Our Peugeot access aids include strong and lightweight person hoists capable of lifting up to 149kg, powered seat runners for extra legroom and transfer plates on which to pause before you settle into your seat.

All products are suitable for both drivers and passengers and they can be installed into almost any three or five-door vehicle, including many Peugeot models.