Car Boot Straps

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A car boot strap alleviates the physical strain of reaching up to close the boot by providing a comfortable handle in a lower position.

  • CompatibilityMost vehicle
  • InstallationSimple by a trained engineer
  • Finance optionsAvailable
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Who can benefit from our car boot closing straps?

For people with reduced mobility, reaching up to close the boot manually can be quite uncomfortable and painful. Particularly for those seated in a wheelchair or mobility scooter. 

Car boot straps alleviate that physical strain by providing a handle at a much lower position to reach.

How car boot pull down straps work

A car boot strap is custom-fit to the boot of your vehicle at the most comfortable height and length for you to be able to reach and close it fully.

The comfortable grab handle and the lower position reduces the reach required to close the boot. Simply pull down on the grab handle to bring the boot door down, then once the door is at a manageable height you can let go of the handle and push the boot door firmly shut.

If you require further mobility aids in your car, explore the vehicle access aids we provide here at Mobility in Motion.

Our car boot straps brands

autochair logo


Born from one man’s desire for greater independence, Autochair is a world-leading manufacturer of vehicle adaptation products. Products which have been making a difference to the lives of tens of thousands of people for over 40 years.

From a unique person lift solution to the most powerful scooter and wheelchair hoists on the market, Autochair makes car travel easy and accessible to all.

brig ayd logo

Brig-Ayd Controls

Over the last 45 years, Brig-Ayd Controls have developed an innovative catalogue of driving solutions including car hand controls that can be tailored to your unique requirements.

Understanding that no two people’s disabilities are the same, there is no ‘one size fits all’ in the product range. Instead, each adaptation is tailored for your own level of mobility, comfort and specific driving style.


How do I know if I need car boot straps?

If you find it difficult, uncomfortable or painful to reach up to close the boot door manually, then a car boot strap is a beneficial adaptation.

Can car boot straps be easily installed and removed?

Car boot straps are simple to install by a specially trained engineer.

Are there any safety considerations or guidelines to follow when using car boot straps?

Car boot straps are simple and safe to use. As with closing a boot door manually, it’s important to be mindful of your hand placement.

Can car boot straps be used in all vehicle types?

A car boot handle strap is suitable for virtually any vehicle. For specific vehicle compatibility, we always recommend contacting our team to check and confirm.