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Empowering Carers: Navigating The Motability Scheme & Beyond

Being a carer can be a demanding and selfless role, so having access to a car can truly be a lifeline, enabling you to go out to the shops, doctors and medical appointments and other day-to-day activities. That’s where the Motability Scheme comes into play, offering essential support for carers across the UK.

So, if you care for a child or someone who doesn’t drive, keep reading this article by Emma from MotaClarity to find out more about the Scheme and their specialist adaptations package, plus they also take you through some of the other money-saving deals and the best benefits available to UK carers.

Can A Carer Drive A Motability Car?

As a carer, your responsibilities may include ensuring that the person you care for has access to reliable transportation. The Motability Scheme is there to make this aspect of caregiving easier and more accessible.

The Motability Scheme helps qualifying disabled people and carers get behind the wheel of a safe and reliable brand-new car or Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle (WAV) with the amazing ‘worry-free’ Motability package, which includes insurance, servicing and maintenance, breakdown assistance, replacement tyres and windscreen cover.

Carers can help their loved ones who are eligible for the Motability Scheme via the following three routes:

Being A Named Driver

The most common way that the Motability Scheme assists carers is by allowing them to become named drivers on a vehicle leased by a Motability Scheme customer. Up to three named drivers can be added to the insurance during the lease. This option can be a game-changer, meaning you can help the person with a disability to run errands, attend medical appointments, or simply enjoy a leisurely drive without any hassle.

To become a named driver, you’ll need to meet certain criteria. Considerations include the drivers’ ages, a driving record without significant convictions, disqualifications, or endorsements within the past five years and proximity to the customer’s home.

Becoming A Nominee

A nominee refers to an individual or a group of people chosen to act on the Motability Scheme customer’s behalf. They have the authority to speak to Motability and make minor amends to the customer’s information, such as modifying the address. However, it’s important to note that nominees do not carry the same legal responsibility for the lease as an appointee (see route 3).

Privacy of a Motability Scheme customer’s agreement is maintained and discussions regarding the agreement involve only the customer or those appointed, such as an appointee or a nominee mentioned in the lease agreement. In cases where a progressive condition could affect a customer’s ability to manage their affairs in the future, assigning an appointee or nominee is common.

Easy Vehicle Access Solutions For Disabled Passengers

There are a range of car accessibility aids available on the Motability Scheme that can be fitted to your vehicle to facilitate easy and safe transfers.

Mobility adaptations such as transfer plates, swivel seats and person hoists, can help you assist your loved one with getting seated in the car. They can benefit varying levels of mobility, from a wheelchair user with complex physical disabilities or a lower limb amputee, to someone who is slightly unsteady on their feet. These solutions eliminate the requirement to physically lift someone in the car which can often be an exhausting process with high risk to injury.

Concessions & Benefits For UK Carers

In addition to the Motability Scheme, there are many concessions and benefits available to carers in the UK that can significantly improve their quality of life and reduce the financial strain. Here we’ll take you through some of the best ones.

Disabled Persons Railcard

The Disabled Persons Railcard is a must-have for carers who rely on trains for transportation. It provides a 1/3 discount on rail fares for both the disabled person and their carer, making rail travel more affordable and accessible.

Cinema Exhibitors’ Association Card

This card offers a complimentary ticket for a companion when accompanying a disabled cardholder to the cinema.

Theatre Discounts

It’s worth checking if your local theatre offers discounts for disabled people and their carers, as many provide tickets at a reduced rate.

Carer’s Allowance

If you spend a significant amount of time caring for someone and meet the eligibility criteria, you may be entitled to Carer’s Allowance. This financial support can provide much-needed assistance in covering additional expenses related to caregiving.

Carers Insurance

Certain insurance providers, such as Surewise, offer specific insurance packages for carers, and can provide liability cover for instances such as accidental property damage, injuries, or legal expenses.

Blue Badge Parking Scheme

You may qualify for a Blue Badge, allowing you to use designated disabled parking spaces when travelling with the person with a disability. Although the scheme operates nationwide, it’s administered by local councils. Discover how to apply for a blue badge.


So, to answer the question ‘can a carer drive a Motability car’? Yes. If you’re a carer, the Motability Scheme could help by allowing you to become a named driver, appointee, or nominee for the disabled person in receipt of the qualifying mobility allowance.

If you require further information about obtaining accessibility adaptations for your Motability vehicle, get in touch with the team at Mobility in Motion on 0800 288 4422.

For more motoring tips and advice, or help with choosing your next Motability car, check out the MotaClarity website.