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Guide To Using a Mobility Scooter

Buying a mobility scooter is a significant investment so it’s important to get the very most out of it. There are several ways to personalise and maximise your mobility scooter experience. 

Below we’ve highlighted some key tips and considerations for using a mobility scooter.  

Ensure Your Scooter Is Ready For All Weather 

Within the UK, we’re blessed with lots of rain all year round so a waterproof shelter is a beneficial accessory. 

A canopy attaches to your vehicle, providing a waterproof shelter – with windows for visibility. The benefits of this are obvious, but many users aren’t even aware canopies exist. With a sturdy, waterproof cover, you’re able to leave the house whatever the weather. This means the rain needn’t get in the way of using a mobility scooter within your daily routine, and every ride you take will be considerably more comfortable.

Of course, the alternative is to buy a waterproof cape, but these cheaper items won’t offer nearly as much comfort or protection from the elements. 

Regular Servicing

If you’ve ever owned a car, you’ll appreciate the importance of regular servicing. Your mobility scooter might not be as large, fast or sophisticated, but it’s still made of various moving parts – and your safety depends on its condition.

It’s not just about safety; a well-maintained scooter should provide a more comfortable and often more energy-efficient ride, so it’s well worth making an annual service appointment. A quick internet search is the best way to find local specialists who can help you out, or alternatively speak with the retailer where you purchased your device as they will be able to advise. 

Investing in a Boot Hoist

With a fully charged battery, your scooter should be able to travel reasonably far, but you can’t ride it everywhere. If you’re going a little further afield, you could take public transport, but for the ultimate convenience, you’ll want to be able to get your scooter into the boot of a car – whether it be yours or a family member’s.

Although collapsible ‘boot scooters’ do exist, these tend to be smaller models, designed for very basic use. If you’re looking to take your full-size, everyday scooter away with you, you’ll benefit from a car boot hoist fitted to your vehicle. 

Adding Extra Storage Space

While most scooters come with baskets attached, it may be that you need a little extra room for accessories and other day-to-day necessities. Thankfully, there are plenty of additional storage solutions available, all carefully designed to give you as much extra carrying space as possible.

Visiting a mobility retailer or browsing online, you should be able to find handy storage solutions such as, mobile phones and charging equipment boxes to walking sticks and crutches holders. 

Using a mobility scooter should benefit your day to day life and increase your independence. By following these tips, we hope you enjoy many journeys and days out! At Mobility in Motion we can help revolutionise your driving and travelling experience, call us on 0800 288 4422 or contact us online to discover more. 

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