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Naidex 2023 Recap

Naidex 2023 was an incredible experience. Not only did we introduce Mobility in Motion to the world, but we also had the pleasure of seeing the creativity of so many pioneers in the community helping to make the world a more accessible place.

The National Accessibility, Inclusion & Disability Expo is a flagship event for the disability community. Whether you are a family navigating through the disability journey, a professional looking to enhance your development through CPD accredited seminars or someone working in the industry and looking for the latest innovations in the market place. it’s the place to visit.

Check out all the action from the event.

And a very special thanks to:
Naidex, Ellie Simmond, Samantha Renke, Born to Perform, Dave Phillips, Outdoor Education Company, Nathalie McGloin, Judith King, Chloë & Ocho, Miss Parpala &, Mr Ryan, Mr Munir, Cryp-Syd, and Howl.

Don’t worry if you missed us, we will be attending many more events in the upcoming year throughout the UK. Find out where we’ll be exhibiting next