Seat belt extenders

From £130

Seat belt extenders greatly improve the ergonomics of your seatbelt, helping you to clip and release your buckle with ease.

  • CompatibilityMost vehicles
  • InstallationCustomer installation
  • Finance optionsAvailable
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Who can benefit from our seat belt extenders?

Ideal for those with a reduced range of motion, shoulder pain, arthritis or limited dexterity, our seat belt extenders offer an improved grip over the buckle and reduces the uncomfortable twisting often involved in fastening a seatbelt.

How seat belt extensions work

A car seat belt extender seamlessly integrates with your existing seat belt to aid vehicle access for the driver or passengers. It operates like a handbrake, the convenient lift and press-to-release function ensures the buckle won’t accidentally detach making journeys easier and safer.

If you require further mobility aids in your car, explore the other vehicle aids we provide here at Mobility in Motion.

Our seat belt extenders brands

Veigel logo


For over 100 years, Veigel have been designing award-winning ergonomic, reliable and easy-to-use driving aids and controls for people with disabilities.

Developed in conjunction with some of the biggest car manufacturers across the world, each product goes through rigorous testing to ensure they exceed industry standards. With styled designs, finished surfaces and sleek lines to compliment any vehicle’s interior, they are products which look as good as they perform.


How do I know if I need a seat belt extender?

If you find it uncomfortable or painful when twisting and reaching for your seat belt or have reduced range of motion, then a seat belt buckle extender is recommended.

When should I use a seat belt extension?

Use your seat belt extension exactly as you would like a standard seat belt. It is a legal requirement in the UK to buckle up before every car journey.

Are seat belt extensions compatible with any vehicle?

Our seat belt extension can be fitted onto most vehicle’s with an original manufacturer’s seat belt.

Are seat belt extenders safe?

Yes, a seat buckle extension is a safe adaptation which doesn’t impede on the original seat belts’ function. It also features a double-secured buckling process to prevent accidental unbuckling.

Can I install a seat belt extender myself?

Yes, a seat belt extender is easy to install yourself. In most cases it simply attaches onto the seat belt clip via fixing points with an allen key.