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Finding The Right Car Boot Hoist Guide

If you are a wheelchair or mobility scooter user or regularly transport someone who is, you will know all too well the challenge of lifting and storing a mobility device into your vehicle. 

A car boot hoist is the most popular solution as it allows for easy loading, unloading, storage and transport of your mobility device within your car.

But with thousands of different cars and mobility devices available, finding a compatible boot hoist can seem daunting.  We’ve created a handy car boot hoist guide to help with finding the right solution for your needs.

What To Consider 

The Size of Your Mobility Device

The most important consideration when looking to fit your mobility device into the boot of your car is the size of your device versus the size of your boot. Although quite obvious, if your scooter or wheelchair won’t fit through the opening of the tailgate, even if folded down or disassembled to its smallest frame, then it will never be able to work with a boot hoist. 

Most scooters or wheelchairs can be folded or dismantled to make it as compact as possible. We would recommend looking at your specific device to see how it can be collapsed, if backrests, armrests, seat and footrests can be folded away or detached, and if so, decide what you are comfortable to do yourself. 

Then once you have determined what is manageable, grab a tape-measure to check the measurements of the height, length and width dimensions.

Boot Space

Another thing to consider is the space in your boot. In some instances, the vehicle’s back seats may need to be folded down in order to accommodate the mobility device. So, if you are searching for a new car, it’s important to take into account the size of the boot. 

Autochair LM Hoist

Our Boot Hoist Range

We offer one of the widest boot hoist ranges to suit thousands of vehicle and mobility device combinations. 

2-Way Boot Hoist

The Autochair 2-Way Boot Hoist is the smallest of the range, ideal for lifting lighter mobility scooters and wheelchairs up to 80kg.

2-Way Fold-Flat Boot Hoist

The Brig-Ayd 2-Way Fold-Flat Boot Hoist is a unique and versatile hoist suitable for lifting mobility devices up to 40kg with ease. 

4-Way Boot Hoist

Autochair’s 4-Way Boot Hoist has capacities up to 100kg for a large range of devices and features a 4-Way up/down/in/out operation to support the complete loading and stowing process,

4-Way XL Boot Hoist

The Autochair 4-Way XL Boot Hoist is the most powerful hoist on the market, capable of lifting some of the heaviest scooters and powerchairs up to 200kg.

Autochair LC Hoist


Without my hoist, I wouldn’t be able to go anywhere alone as I would need assistance to get my chair in and out of the car. It truly is a lifeline and I’d certainly recommend either of the hoists I’ve used to my family and friends!

Mandy Altoft

Boot Hoist Demonstrations

Our boot hoists are simple to operate following a demonstration conducted by one of our vehicle adaptations specialists.  We offer free product demonstrations, either at your own home or through an online appointment.

Within a home visit, the Field Product Demonstrator will conduct a demonstration of the boot hoist so you can see it in action and even give you the opportunity to try it out for yourself. Ideal for those who would prefer to physically operate the adaptation before purchasing.

And in our online assessments, we will send across an in-depth demonstration video via email to showcase the boot hoist in action and clear instructions on how to operate it. This is particularly handy for those who have already operated similar adaptations before or for those who need quicker order turnarounds.

With Mobility in Motion, selecting the right car boot hoist for your specific vehicle and mobility device combination is effortless. Our team will check measurements and confirm compatibility, conduct a free product demonstration and provide UK nationwide installation. Contact our team online to find out more or call us on 0800 288 4422.

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