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Why we don’t supply second hand boot hoists

Car boot hoists are an ideal solution for wheelchair or mobility scooter users. They allow for easy loading, unloading, stowage and transport of the mobility device to and from the boot of your car, with just the touch of a button. From first glance, buying a second hand mobility car hoist may sound great, but there are several considerations from safety, compatibility and peace of mind.  

In this guide we cover the key areas of deliberation and explain why as a reputable company we do not deal with the second hand mobility car hoist market. 

Safety Issues With Second Hand Hoists

Those who sell second hand hoists for disabled users may claim they are in ‘working condition’ or ‘as good as new’, but these statements haven’t been verified. There is no regulation of how the hoist has been used or proof to show it has been regularly serviced.  Not only this, but there is no trail of who may have tampered with the hoist in any way. 

This lack of information and documentation means you can’t be certain that the boot hoist along with its handset and control box are in a safe, working condition. All of which imposes a considerable safety risk to the user, their mobility device and vehicle. 

Safety is absolutely paramount at Mobility in Motion and we have an incredible duty of care for our customers which we must uphold. This is why we would never recommend or encourage a DIY install of a second hand mobility hoist.

Quality Issues With Second Hand Boot Hoists

As well as a safety concern, the lack of visibility of who has tampered with the second hand boot hoist also poses a quality issue. If parts or components have been replaced with DIY materials instead of the original manufacturer’s parts, then this will impact the quality of the hoist.

We supply only the leading manufacturers of boot hoists including, Autochair, Brig-Ayd Controls and Braunability. These hoists have been developed to the highest quality with advanced engineering and rigorous testing. Enabling us to offer the best hoists on the market for our customers. This also means that if we do have to issue replacement parts, then we have access to all of the OEM’s stock, ensuring the quality of your hoist over its lifetime. 

Compatibility Problems

Most boot hoists on the market are bespoke with dedicated fitting kits for specific cars. This means that it’s not always possible to take a hoist out of one vehicle into another. Even the same make and model of a car may have several different dedicated fitting kits due to the spec of the car. 

Not only this, but each boot hoist has been set up to lift a particular mobility device, aligned to its centre of gravity.  

With a second hand mobility car hoist, the previous setup may not work for your vehicle and mobility scooter or wheelchair combination. This means you may be stuck with a boot hoist you are unable to use. 

Why It Is Best To Purchase a Brand New Hoist

Mobility Assessments

As standard we offer a mobility assessment to ensure we select and recommend the correct boot hoist for your needs as well as your vehicle and mobility device combination.  

We need to understand your individual capabilities such as, the ability to disassemble/fold away your mobility device and if you can stand for a short period. This allows us to determine which type of car boot hoist would suit your needs. From there we need to look at the measurements and weight of your mobility device to ensure compatibility with your mobility device and your vehicle.

Professional Install

Our network of expert installers will ensure your boot hoist is fitted quickly, and to an excellent standard. A professional installer will also set up the lifting bracket correctly to provide a secure lifting method. 

Customer Care

At Mobility in Motion, you can look forward to expert advice, personal support and an outstanding customer experience. We want to ensure you get the very most out of your adaptation which is why our Customer Excellence Team is on hand to help with any questions, troubleshooting and guidance.

Product Warranties

We offer a 3-year Mobility in Motion warranty across every single one of our adaptations, including our boot hoist range. So you can be sure that you’re always in safe hands. 

When purchasing a second hand boot hoist you won’t receive that same peace of mind and wouldn’t be covered if anything were to happen.

For safe, reliable and quality boot hoists, get in touch with the Mobility in Motion team via our contact page or call us on 0800 288 4422. 

Take a look at our full loading and stowage range to view the car hoists available here at Mobility in Motion.