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How to use a person hoist

A person hoist is a vehicle accessibility aid which enables a mobility device user to get seated into a standard car seat, either as a driver or passenger. 

It’s an innovative solution which is safe and reliable to use, but like with all other mobility equipment, it’s imperative to ensure you understand how to operate it and are comfortable to do so. 

In this guide we will share everything you need to know about how to use a person hoist, tips to ensure a safe and comfortable transfer as well as maintenance advice. 

Understanding the hoist system

Person hoists are an ideal solution used by people who have reduced mobility, strength or balance who require assistance when transferring from a wheelchair or mobility scooter into a car. 

The hoist system works by lifting you via an arm with adjustable joints, a fitted sling that is wrapped around you when seated in your mobility device and a 2 button hand control which operates the up and down function. 

Preparing for transfers

Before lifting the user and conducting a transfer, it is imperative that the sling is set up and attached correctly.

The lifting straps of the sling should be adjusted so that each strap is as short as possible, giving the best lift and the most manoeuvrability for the user. This is demonstrated and shown in our assessments to ensure you are comfortable with attaching the sling correctly. This is a quick and simple step, but is crucial not to be missed. 

It’s also important to check and ensure that the entrance to the vehicle is clear and unobstructed so the mobility device can be positioned as close to the vehicle’s aperture as possible. Again, this is demonstrated in your assessment so you are aware of how to position the mobility device next to the vehicle. 

Using the hoist for transfers

Now you are set up and prepared to transfer the user, let’s explore how to use a person hoist to enter and exit. 

Firstly, mount the lifting arm to the post in the footwell of the car, this should slide into place smoothly. Switch the power on. Then you can position the user and mobility device close to the vehicle entrance and connect the sling straps. 

With one hand you can operate the up button on the handset to raise the user off the seat, and with your other hand use the handle on the back of the sling to gently manoeuvre the user closer to the vehicle. 

To guide the user into the vehicle, you will need to position their legs over the entrance door and continue to operate the handset. Depending on the height of the vehicle entrance, you may need to lower the lift slightly so the user can duck their head into the vehicle. Lift the user again to align them with the vehicle’s seat and then lower again so the user is comfortably sat in the seat. Finally you will need to disconnect the straps from the sling and remove the lifting arm, storing it securely in the back/boot of your car. Away you go! 

To use the hoist to exit the car, simply follow the directions in reverse order. 

Safety and best practices

The person hoist has been designed for secure, simple and comfortable transfers and should only be used for its intended purpose.  

We advise to stand close to the user being lifted throughout the transfer process to be able to safely control their movement.  The person hoist is doing all the lifting, but controlling the lateral movements is done by using the handle on the back of the sling to gently manoeuvre the user.  

Maintenance & troubleshooting

The person hoist requires very little maintenance, but we do advise an annual service to ensure it is in top working condition. 

For day to day care, the sling can be wiped down with a damp cloth for a quick clean in between uses. For a more in-depth wash, the sling can be put in the washing machine at up to 75 degrees. It’s important to note that you must remove the buckles and the webbing anchors before to ensure there is no damage to the washing machine. And if required, the hoist arm itself can be wiped down with a damp cloth, ensuring the unit is fully disconnected to power. 

If you do require any more advice or troubleshooting tips, our customer care team is available to ensure you get the very most out of your adaptation! 

A person hoist is a revolutionary adaptation for wheelchair users looking to get seated into a standard car. If you feel this is the solution you’ve been looking for, contact our team who will be able to answer any additional questions you may have and arrange a demonstration to try it out.  

Explore our person hoists range in full to find the right hoist for your needs. If you are looking for other vehicle access products we have a wide collection of car accessibility aids to keep you covered.