BAS Adaptations

Brand History

Believing that everyone should be able to live a ‘life without boundaries’, BAS Adaptations have over 40 years’ experience of manufacturing quality vehicle and driving adaptations. In collaboration with leading international partners, BAS consistently design new products for the market as technologies advance.

BAS have been committed to helping people with reduced mobility and physical disabilities since the 1980’s by manufacturing and supplying accessible car adaptations and driving aids.

BAS Controls Product Range

BAS Controls have developed a range of accessible adaptations such as, transfer plates, steering aids, transfer aids and a person lift.

Their ring accelerators are designed for both under ring fit or over ring fit. Both ultimately require very little strength to operate and provide a fatigue-free driving experience that offers the driver that familiar feeling of driving in a natural position with both hands on the steering wheel.

BAS transfer plates offer a stable temporary platform to aid transferring in and out of a vehicle safely. The folding transfer plate quickly folds and stows allowing for a swift transfer whereas the electronic removable transfer plate offers variable height access to taller vehicles for those with reduced mobility.

The person lift for rear passengers is a great solution for wheelchair users looking to transfer into a rear car seat. The bespoke sling which is made to measure for each customer ensures maximum comfort and safety.

Key Features

As members of the Association of Vehicle Adaptation Manufacturers, BAS Adaptations are striving to improve the quality of adaptations supplied to UK drivers and passengers through various objectives. Including, improving standards, working collaboratively and using a unified voice.
And by working with international partners such as Hurt, Handytech and Sojadis, BAS products have been designed with some of the most advanced technologies in the adaptations market.