Hinged Accelerator Pedals

From £400

A hinged accelerator pedal creates room to rest your right foot while operating the car with hand controls.

  • CompatibilityMost vehicles
  • InstallationSimple by a trained engineer
  • Finance optionsAvailable
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Who can benefit from our hinged accelerator pedals?

Hinged accelerator pedals are an important safety adaptation for hand control drivers. The accelerator pedal can be folded safely out of the way to eliminate the risk of the pedal accidentally being operated. 

It’s also particularly helpful if you share your car with someone who doesn’t require hand controls, as the accelerator pedal can easily be folded back down.

How floor hinged accelerator pedals work

The additional space that is created when the hinged accelerator pedal is folded away, allows the driver to stretch out their right leg, making it ideal for hand control users. Though it can be easily flipped back down when the pedal is required.

We also provide left foot accelerators and pedal extensions within our pedal modifications range to improve your driving experience.

Our hinged accelerator pedal brands

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Brig-Ayd Controls

Over the last 45 years, Brig-Ayd Controls have developed an innovative catalogue of driving solutions including car hand controls that can be tailored to your unique requirements.

Understanding that no two people’s disabilities are the same, there is no ‘one size fits all’ in the product range. Instead, each adaptation is tailored for your own level of mobility, comfort and specific driving style.



Are hinged accelerator pedals compatible with all vehicles?

Floor hinged accelerator pedals are compatible with most vehicles. For specific vehicle compatibility, we always recommend contacting our team to check and confirm.

How easy is it to install a hinged accelerator pedal?

They are simple to install by one of our trained engineers. The hinged design allows the pedal to be easily flipped up and down as required.

Do hinged accelerator pedals affect the vehicle’s performance?

No. The hinged accelerator pedal whilst folded up does temporarily block the use of the accelerator pedal, but can be easily folded down to regain access when required.

How should a hinged accelerator pedal be maintained?

Hinged accelerator pedals require very little maintenance but we do recommend an annual maintenance check.