Car seat extensions

From £450

Car seat extensions create more room in the footwell for a driver or passenger to get seated safely and comfortably.

  • CompatibilityMost vehicles
  • InstallationSimple by a trained engineer
  • Finance optionsAvailable
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Who can benefit from our car seat extensions?

The extended seat runners increase the range of movement that your seat can slide back and forth. This is particularly useful for those who have difficulties with bending their legs when getting in and out of their vehicle.

This works in conjunction with our person hoist to provide more space for an easier transfer by moving the seat further back. And is also ideal for drivers who need to sit further from the steering wheel.

How car seat extensions work

Car seat extensions are fitted underneath the original seat runners to allow you to position your seat further back in the vehicle, providing more room in the footwell.

A manual seat extension operates in a very similar way to the original manufacturer’s system via a lever which is positioned on the side of the seat. An electric car seat extension is operated by button switches or a control device which doesn’t require any physical strength.

You will also find useful car boot straps and automatic boot openers within our range of car access aids allowing for greater accessibility to your vehicle.

Our car seat extension brands

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Since 1972, Braunability has been providing vehicle mobility solutions to increase quality of life for people with disabilities. Over the past four decades, their products have revolutionised what independence means to wheelchair and scooter users.

From wheelchair swivel seats to mobility scooter stowage, each product is manufactured and quality checked in-house to ensure consistently high levels of quality.


What types of car seat extensions are available?

Within our range we have a manual version available and an electronic version available. Both create more space in the footwell, but they operate slightly differently.

Are car seat extensions universal and compatible with all vehicles?

Yes car seat extensions are universal, meaning they are compatible with virtually all vehicles. For specific vehicle compatibility, we always recommend contacting our team to check and confirm.

How are car seat extensions installed?

Installed by a trained engineer, car seat extensions are fitted underneath the original seat runners to allow you to position your seat further back in the vehicle.

Can car seat extensions be easily removed or adjusted?

Car seat extensions can be removed by a trained engineer if required. Typically once they are fitted, there is no need to then remove them, unless selling the car. The seat extension itself has a greater range of adjustability and movement to increase space in the footwell.

How should car seat extensions be maintained?

Car seat extensions require very little maintenance but we do recommend an annual maintenance check.