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Five Most Useful Mobility Scooter Features

Understanding your mobility scooter features allows you to maximise your scooter experience and get the very best out of your purchase. 

Some parts such as the wheels, steering controls and seat are obvious important features that are commonly considered. But we’ve outlined 5 additional mobility scooter features that are equally as important that often get overlooked. 

Battery Indicators

Your scooter battery is a crucial feature to appreciate, its ability to hold a charge will hugely influence your usage. Investing in one that will meet your needs and lifestyle is imperative. 

Therefore your battery indicator is just as important, understanding how far you’re able to travel on the current power will ensure you don’t become stranded. Once you’re riding, a coloured light, LCD bar or estimated range figure will appear on your control panel, so you’re able to plan your journey around it.

Of course, it’s also well worth taking your charging equipment with you if possible. This will help you if unexpected plans or incidents arise where your current charge may run out. 

Storage Baskets

Most scooters come equipped with at least a basket for storage, and you’ll soon find that yours is an essential mobility scooter feature. If you have things like walking aids, shopping and pet equipment to carry, the more storage you have, the easier your journeys will be. 

Although a standard basket is open to the elements, it’s quick and easy to use – ideal for carrying groceries back from the local shop, or taking a parcel to the post office. For more secure and covered storage, you’ll want a closed bag, perhaps on the back of your seat.

There are also plenty of additional storage solutions available, designed to give you as much extra carrying space as possible. We would recommend researching what’s available to find the best option for your needs.

Security Measures 

Keeping your scooter safe from theft will no doubt be a priority. First and foremost, a keyed ignition is an important feature to ensure you’re the only one who can turn the vehicle’s power on. 

Some scooters come equipped with anti-theft alarms which emit loud noises when the device is being tampered with. Just remember to switch it on when you’re leaving the scooter unattended for peace of mind.

It’s worth noting that aftermarket alarms are available to purchase at a later date so it shouldn’t deter you from using or buying a model that otherwise meets your needs.

Lights and Signals

Your scooter lights are particularly important, especially during the darker and colder months. These allow you to ride at almost any time of day, so you can retain your independence whatever your schedule.

Other lights, like turning signals and brake lights will allow you to ride safely in public, so be sure to use them all properly – especially when riding on the road! 

Freewheel Mode

Mobility scooters can be difficult to move when not switched on as they are quite heavy and bulky. To make things a little easier, most manufacturers include a ‘freewheel’ mode.

Freewheel mode allows you to disengage the drive mechanism and free up the wheels. This means you can pull or push your scooter along, just as you would with a wheeled suitcase. It’s ideal for getting your scooter into your home or moving it quickly when it’s in someone’s way. Always remember to switch it back off when you’re ready to ride again!

Taking the time to understand and utilise these features, allows you to enjoy a safe, comfortable and convenient scooter experience. Our team is available to advise on adaptations to help you transfer from your scooter into your car as well as lifting and storing solutions within the boot of your car, contact us to find out more. 

If you require further advice on getting the most out of your scooter, discover our guides to using a mobility scooter.

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