Lodgesons Controls

Brand History

A market leader in remote control devices, Lodgesons design and develop innovative wireless keypad systems which offer luxury as standard. Lodgesons hand controls systems allow those with reduced mobility to steer the car whilst operating the vehicle’s functions such as the indicators, lights, horn and wipers safely with just one hand. Simply pressing a button activates the required function and eliminates the need to reach across to operate the functions which can be unsafe or difficult.

As the UK’s only manufacturer of these control systems, Lodgesons have built a worldwide reputation for high quality products by meeting regulatory standards for Europe and international countries. Including, BSEN ISO 9001:2015, EMC and E & e marking for Europe and worldwide.
This has also meant that Lodgesons have been the Motability Scheme’s top supplier for secondary remote control systems since the scheme began.

Lodgesons Hand Controls Product Range

All of Lodgesons controls are manufactured in the UK and meet the highest standards of regulatory approval.

The Lodgesons R200 secondary control range is available with a choice of two grip styles; steering ball grip or a lollipop grip.

The steering ball grip allows you to continuously turn the wheel without removing your hand, making it ideal for steering with one hand. Various configurations of the remote are available, affording you control over multiple vehicle functions to suit your needs.

The Lodgesons lollipop grip also allows you to continuously turn the wheel without removing your hand, making it ideal for steering with one hand. But, it is easily gripped and changes the position of your wrist which may be more comfortable for many drivers.

Lodgesons have also developed hand control mounted remote controls which can mount directly to your hand controls for easy access. This enables you to control indicators, lights, wipers, washers, and horn from your hand controls rather than a steering aid which some drivers prefer.

Key Features

As design specialists, Lodgesons lead the field in the development of innovative secondary control systems. Their team designs all products with both end user customers and installers in mind.

For end user customers, they offer a choice of ergonomic grips which include luxury design features such as soft touch materials, self-lubricating quick release clamps and long life lithium batteries as standard. Not only this, their keypads include illumination for night time driving and have self cancelling indicators available on most vehicles.