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Our Top 5 Accessibility Apps For Increased Independence

If there’s two things we love at Mobility in Motion, it’s accessibility and technology. Thanks to the invention of the much loved smartphones and tablets, there are now many accessibility apps available that can assist you in all aspects of life. 

Here are a few that we’re loving at the moment.

Visually Impaired Accessibility: Be My Eyes

Be My Eyes connects visually impaired and blind people with sighted volunteers who are there to lend their eyesight and help with everyday tasks.

Through a live video call (one-way video, two-way audio), volunteers can help you with a variety of tasks such as, reading home appliances, matching outfits, identifying clothes, help in the kitchen, operating vending machines, reading product labels and much more!

It’s free, it’s global and it’s available 24/7 which is why we love it.

Venue Access Facilities: AccesAble

An app that has a comprehensive accessibility guide of over 10,00 venues across the UK.? That’s a yes from us. 

AccessAble understands that everyone’s accessibility needs are different- what ‘fully accessible’ means to one person can be totally different to another. 

Their app provides detailed, accurate information with all the facts, figures, and pictures of a venue, all in one place. So you can determine exactly if a venue is fully accessible for you before choosing to visit.

Medical Health Diary: Symple

Wheelchair users often find themselves with many doctor and healthcare appointments which means juggling and remembering lots of information. 

Symple makes it easy to keep a record of your health information in an organised diary. 

Log all upcoming appointments, write up notes, track symptoms, use timestamped photos to keep a record of the medication you have took, and much more. 

Vehicle Accessibility: fuelService

This app helps disabled drivers find nearby petrol stations that can provide assistance when refuelling their car. You can filter by distance to see the nearest stations to you with the option to contact them before you visit, to ensure they have assistance available at that time. 

Once you’ve arrived, simply select the button on the app ‘I’ve arrived’ and the station will respond to let you know when someone will come out to assist you. 

An overall great app to avoid waiting around and ensuring you get the assistance you require when filling up! Much loved by many of our customers who are able to get behind the wheel thanks to our disability driving adaptations. 

Wheelchair-friendly Fitness: Accessercise

Accessercise is an app founded by Britain’s world champion para-powerlifter, Ali Jawad and multiple world champion sailor, Sam Brearey to provide informative and safe workouts for people with impairments. 

It’s a great space to learn new exercises based on your individual physical requirements without judgement, connect with like-minded people and track your fitness goals.