Lauren Windas, Author of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: Your Route to Recovery, holding her book.


Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) Awareness Month

It’s Myalgic Encephalomyelitis Awareness Month, also known as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Awareness Month (M.E/CFS) and Nutritionist and Naturopath Lauren Windas…

Accessible Christmas event


Accessible Christmas Activities

Christmas is a joyous and magical time of the year, with lots of festive activities to enjoy on the run…

Assisted Bath in Care Home Bathroom


The Accessible Home Edit: Care Home Bathrooms

In the realm of care home design, the bathroom plays a pivotal role in fostering both comfort and accessibility. Tailoring…


UK Disability History Month 2023

UK Disability History Month, created in 2010, is an annual event that runs from 16th November to 16th December. It…

Who can benefit from a wet room blog -minimalistic wet room with grey tiles and a blue feature wall


The Accessible Home Edit: Who Can Benefit From a Wet Room?

When it comes to creating an accessible and inclusive home environment, one essential consideration is the bathroom. For individuals with…

Walk-in shower for the elderly and disabled


The Accessible Home Edit: Walk-In Showers for The Elderly and Disabled

Are you or a loved one facing mobility challenges that make daily tasks like bathing a little more complicated? Walk-in…

Accessible wetrooms


The Accessible Home Edit: Barrier-Free Wetrooms

Next up in our Accessible Home Edit series with EA Mobility, we're taking a closer look at barrier-free wetrooms. Wetrooms…

Disability pride month flag


Disability Pride Month

What is Disability Pride Month? Disability Pride Month offers a significant platform to promote education, inclusivity, awareness, and support for…


Samantha Renke, “Unburden Yourself!”

At this year's Naidex event, we had the absolute pleasure of chatting to the incredible Samantha Renke, Disability Rights Activist,…

How to adapt a bathroom for a wheelchair user - wet room


The Accessible Home Edit: How To Adapt a Bathroom For a Wheelchair User

We understand the importance of enabling independence in your own home, which is why we have teamed up with EA…

A group of people sitting around a table smiling - accessibility apps


Our Top 5 Accessibility Apps For Increased Independence

If there’s two things we love at Mobility in Motion, it’s accessibility and technology. Thanks to the invention of the…