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The Full Motability Adaptations List

The Motability Scheme enables disabled people to get mobile by exchanging their mobility allowance to lease a new car. Subsequently, to ensure the car is accessible to your needs, there are a wide range of car adaptations available as part of the scheme.

In our guide, we explore the full Motability adaptations list and the application process to obtain them. 

Understanding motability adaptations

Vehicle adaptations are accessibility enhancements to enable people with disabilities or reduced mobility to enjoy car travel and independent driving. They are not related to performance modifications in any way. 

As part of Motability’s commitment to providing accessible and worry-free motoring for people within the disability community, not only do they fund a brand-new vehicle but also many car adaptations to increase accessibility. 

The application process and eligibility

To qualify for funding for your vehicle adaptations, you firstly need to be a member of the Motability Scheme. Eligibility criteria states you must receive a qualifying mobility allowance with at least 12 months remaining on your award length.If you’re unsure, you can check your eligibility on the Motability website.

Once you’re on the Scheme, you can then start the process of researching and choosing cars that meet your overall needs within your budget. Then once you’ve highlighted a number of suitable cars, the next step is to contact a vehicle adaptations installer to gain advice on what adaptations you require and to check vehicle compatibility. Not all adaptations fit in all cars so it’s crucial to confirm if your shortlisted vehicles will work with the products you need. 

Finally it’s time to order your car and adaptations! Choose the vehicle that suits your needs and visit a Motability dealership to place the order of your car and adaptations. 

The dealership and adaptations installer will liaise directly with each other to arrange for the adaptations to be fitted and to organise your vehicle handover, and away you go. 

Exploring the motability adaptations list

So, what adaptations are available on the scheme? Below is the current Motability adaptations list as of January 2024.  

Driving Aids

Adaptations that help you to drive where standard vehicle functions are a challenge. 

Hand Controls transfer the acceleration and brake from the foot pedals to your hand.

Electronic Accelerators move the function of acceleration from foot to hand with reduced effort required. 

Left Foot Accelerators can be fitted to the left of the brake pedal to allow operation with your left foot.

Pedal Modifications can benefit individuals with a range of disabilities that affect their ability to use conventional pedals.

Steering Aids enable the one-handed operation of a vehicle’s steering wheel; these simple adaptations are often used in conjunction with hand controls.

Remote Control Devices allow drivers with limited mobility to steer the car and operate a range of secondary functions, such as the indicators, horn, headlights and wipers.

Vehicle Access

Accessibility adaptations can help both drivers and passengers with reduced mobility to get seated in and out of a vehicle. 

Transfer Plates provide a temporary stable platform on which to pause and pivot either from standing or a mobility device. 

Electric Person Hoists lift you via a fitted sling and hoists you out of your mobility device and into a standard car. 

Swivel Seats enable easy access by turning up to 90 degrees outside the vehicle, lowering, and even transferring from the vehicle entirely onto a wheelchair frame.

Side Steps provide an additional platform to reduce the step height from the ground to the vehicle floor in larger vehicles. 

Loading & Stowage 

Adaptations to make easy work of loading and storing your mobility device within your vehicle.

Car Boot Hoists will lift your mobility scooter or wheelchair and load it into the boot of your car via lifting points and a button remote control. 

Rooftop Stowage can lift, stow and retrieve a manual wheelchair in less than 90 seconds.

Finance and funding options

Many adaptations on the Motability Scheme are available at no additional cost, as long as they are fitted at the start of your lease. Other adaptations are heavily funded by Motability but do require a contribution fee. Again, you will need to take order of these adaptations at the time of ordering your car to qualify for the funding. 

If your condition and requirements change throughout your lease agreement and subsequently require additional adaptations, you may be able to apply for a mid-lease grant to help fund more or new adaptations. 

We can help you select the right vehicle adaptations for your needs and advise on obtaining them on your Motability car. Get in touch with our friendly team of mobility experts.

If you’re looking for more information on the motability scheme check out our motability car guide for further advice in selecting adaptations and purchasing a vehicle.