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The Accessible Home Edit: Barrier-Free & Accessible Wetrooms

Next up in our Accessible Home Edit series with EA Mobility, we’re taking a closer look at barrier-free wetrooms.

Wetrooms offer a seamless and stylish solution for individuals facing mobility challenges. Embracing the concept of inclusivity, these innovative spaces not only provide a safe and accessible shower area but also add a touch of sophistication to any home. Let’s delve into why accessible wetrooms make perfect sense for modern living, enhancing both functionality and aesthetics.

Accessible wetrooms

Accessibility and Safety

Unlike conventional shower areas with enclosures and trays, wetrooms present a barrier-free environment that facilitates easy access for everyone.

Traditional setups can be challenging for wheelchair users, and caregivers often struggle to assist during showering. In contrast, accessible wetrooms eliminate these obstacles by offering ample space and a level floor, enabling seamless wheelchair transfers, and providing safety for ambulant users. For those who prefer some spray protection, a retractable curtain or hinged screen can easily accommodate their needs without hindering accessibility.

Hygiene and Durability

Hygiene is a critical factor in any bathroom setting. Wetrooms excel in this aspect with their open-plan, waterproof design, minimising areas where dirt and grime can accumulate. This reduces the risk of bacterial growth, making cleaning a breeze with regular antibacterial cleaning chemicals or steam treatments.

Additionally, wetrooms boast sturdier construction and fewer moving parts, enhancing their longevity compared to traditional bathrooms. Investing in a wetroom means enjoying a durable and hygienic space for years to come.

Space Optimisation

Limited mobility often requires more space to manoeuvre comfortably. Accessible wetrooms are designed with space optimisation in mind, offering the freedom to accommodate various needs.

Wheelchair access becomes hassle-free, and individuals who require assistance have sufficient room for their caregivers to aid them during daily routines. Moreover, the quick-draining shower area can also double as a drying and dressing space, streamlining the entire bathing process. With wetrooms, every inch of your bathroom is utilised efficiently, enhancing the overall usability.

Aesthetics and Value

Beyond their practical advantages, wetrooms have earned popularity for their elegant and contemporary design. From chic hotels to opulent residences, these stylish spaces have become a symbol of modern living. The best part is that wetrooms are versatile and can be tailored to suit homes of any size and budget.

Wetrooms are a testament to thoughtful design, promoting accessibility, and enhancing the overall bathroom experience for everyone. Their seamless and minimalist appeal aligns perfectly with the evolving demands of modern living. Embrace the freedom and elegance of wetrooms and transform your bathroom into a space that truly embraces and celebrates the diversity of individuals, making it a haven of comfort, accessibility, and style.

Specialist Designs Bespoke For Your Unique Needs

Whether you choose a wetroom for its accessibility or embrace its sophisticated charm, EA Mobility can seamlessly incorporate design features and materials to enhance your home’s elegance and even add value to your property. Their commitment to inclusive design ensures that individuals with different abilities can experience the freedom and ease of using these innovative spaces.

Choose EA Mobility to embark on a journey of inclusive design and enhanced living – call the team on 0808 175 1998.